About the Host

So you want to know about me do you. Well there is  not too much to tell but I will tell you my history in comic fandom. I have been a lifelong Superhero fan. I started with Spider-Man and grew from there. I grew up with Spiderman the animated series and really was a big marvel fan until I was a senior in high school and was introduced to smallville and really turned into a Superman fan largely in part to that show. However I wasn’t introduced to comics until my junior year of college a travesty I know but we didn’t have a comic shop anywhere close to the small town I lived in.

I actually was introduced to comics by walking into a books a million and thumbing through the graphic novel section but I didnt really start collecting until I came home from college and I had a job so I could actually afford collect. My collection really started with the Superman books that were a part of the World Against Superman story arc and it kind of snowballed from there. My Wonder Woman fandom really begins with the Pendant Audio Drama’s I listened to their audio faithfully every month and really became a fan of Wonder Woman, Cassie Sandsmark and her cast of characters. I started picking up the Mordern Comic age and really enjoyed it and really looking forward going back to the 1987 series and reading and covering that.

My podcasting history really starts with Starkvilles House of El which is a Smallville podcast. I was new to the whole podcasting thing and liked to listen to talk radio so I was curious about these podcasts and thought I would give them a shot and was hooked. SHoE and Geek Out Loud were the two shows that inspired me to do my own podcast about my semi new favorite character Superman so in 2010 I launched the Superman Family Podcast due largely in part because I love Superman but I also loved Supergirl but when my rss went on the fritz I stopped podcasting and I was bummed because I really enjoyed it. It had become a new hobby. So last summer while SFP was still running I thought I could do another podcast focused on Supergirl and thats when I came up with Krypton’s Last Daughter: A Supergirl Podcast. I have loved doing that show and I had thought there wasnt many podcasts focused on Wonder Woman so therefore I created Wonder Woman Princess of the Amanzon’s which I am very excited to get started.  So thats pretty much it and if you read through all of this I applaud you you deserve a shout out :)

If your curious I live in very small town in rural Maine called Norridgewock and if you can pronounce that correctly you deserve a pat on the back cause most people cant.


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