Hey Everybody my name is Andrew Pinkham and you know I found a trend in comic book podcasts ; there are a ton of podcasts dedicated to the characters of Superman and Batman but there arent really any podcast’s currently covering the third member of the DC Trinity and that’s Wonder Woman and you know what there should be I mean shes considered the first woman super hero fro crying out loud so that’s why I created Wonder Woman: Princess of the Amazons.

This podcast will be a monthly program looking at her character starting with the 1987 Wonder Woman and going forward all the way to the new 52. Every odd numbered episode of the show will cover the 1987 series and well as the modern comics series that relaunched Wonder Woman in 2006. Every even numbered  episode I will be covering Wonder Woman in the new 52 which includes he own title as well as the Justice League title.

Feel free to tell us what you think of the show either by leaving comments here at the site or e-mailing us by writing to wonderwomanpodcast@gmail.com I welcome all feedback, good, bad or ugly.


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